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March 15, 2024

New cover design for 140Ninja

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140 Ninja AMBIT studiodaboo.com

Our favourite little ninja is back with a brand new beat!

Had a pleasure to create new cover design illustration for the release by @ambit.dj on @140ninja, where our lil ninja continues his high-flying adventures.
Ambit’s masterful production skills have set the stage for an epic musical journey, perfectly complementing 140 Ninja label’s established signature sound, With Ambit’s deep and murky but infectious rhythms, get ready to groove to the beat as our pint-sized hero takes on daring challenges and foes. From heart-pounding bass to catchy atmo, this release promises to be an unforgettable sonic experience!

Tune in for the grand reveal of @140ninja latest musical escapade on 18th of March, where Ambit’s sensational soundscapes bring the action-packed world of the ninja to life.

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Release preview: