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Limited edition apparel showcase Juhroen Leiden

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Studio Daboo had the opportunity to showcase its collection at the skateboard shop Juhroen in Leiden, and the result was nothing short of spectacular, hence why from now on you will be able to purchase these special limited editions at Juhroen. Juhroen is well-known in the local skateboarding community and is a popular destination for […]

Ancients & Color Blue

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If you didn’t know, blue color is a relatively recent phenomenon. This came from the study of writings of greek poet Homer who used strange colors to describe things. For example, iron and sheep he described as violet, while honey is green, with no mention of Blue anywhere. This led scientists to believe for some […]

Why Brass & Silver

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Creating alloys has been one of the starting points with using metals in human history. It started with use of meteoric ore that was found in nature and was praised for it characteristics. Around 10 000 years ago humans learned how to smelt metals such as copper and tin from ore, 2500 years BC they […]

What is etching?

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Etching is an art form that has its roots from decorative engravings of knights armour in the 14th century. Armourers discovered they could etch the designs instead of engraving which was less time consuming and more cost effective. It took 70 years from this point for etching to develop into intaglio printing that is still […]

Fun facts about black color

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Did you know that there are different sorts of black color? Historically black color was made from different natural pigments which would give it different characteristics. Some of the materials used prior to create black are, charcoal, coal, ivory, lamp tar, jet (stone)…These blacks give off warm and interesting tonal ranges, for an instance ivory […]

'Gasp' Print

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I'm so excited to share my new print with you! 'GASP' is a limited edition print and it's printed on beautiful, quality archival art paper and it comes in size, 50 x 35 cm. Inspired by different art traditions this work embodies a story of our continuous search for balance with our identity, civilisation and […]

Koturaljke 3rd B'day w/ AKOV (Promo Design)

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Koturaljke is celebrating it's 3rd year of existence and they are doing it with a bang! On 12.11.2022. event will take place at Club Exit at Osijek with two floors and variety of DJ's from DNB to Techno + House. Event will be spearheaded by AKOV who's best known for his releases on labels C4C, […]

Bajaga & Instruktori (Promo Design)

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Recently designed a Poster and all socials for a concert of one of the legends from Ex-Yu Rock era. Bajaga and Instruktori have left a lasting mark on generations, their work spans through more than 3 decades. With their first gig in town of Šibenik since 1989 and in celebration of it, have been asked […]
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