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Unique to this webshop and nowhere else available online, these limited editions of my works are specially designed and printed on the best quality garments to be most comfortable and durable. Each garment is screen printed by hand with discharge inks allowing for maximum breathability while keeping the softness of material on printed area. Stock is limited to small print runs, make sure to grab yours on time.



This is an on demand solution by one of the best recognised online community of artists and an e-commerce websites around the globe. Most Threadless T-shirts are printed with the screen printing technique with plastisol or water based inks. Next to this they are also using direct to garment printing (DTG). You can find Men’s, Ladies and Kids tees, longsleeves, hoodies etc.. and even mugs and phonecases with my designs, check it out.

Studio Daboo

Etchings, Silkscreens, Paintings, Digital Prints, Street Art,
Limited editions and more…

Using diverse printing techniques that are ranging from traditional to modern, hand-painted layering brush strokes and spray paint, etching, silkscreening, stencilling and digital printing, Daboo’s works are a combination of methods developed throughout the years of continuous growth and interaction while looking for simplicity, humour, something intangibly recognisable and identifiable.


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