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Studio Daboo is all about mixing the old and new, that may seem like a risky undertaking for many, but for Daboo, this comes with particular ease. His works breathe with traditional and contemporary style fused into one. With his sense of humour, while at the same time humanising the animals, his works are about creating an urban aspect of spirit animals in which everyone can find a sense of themselves and everyday life. Combining a blend of printing techniques, stencils, painting and graffiti in traditional and bold colours, synthesises this artist’s affection for Street Art aesthetics and traditional art practices.

Born in former Yugoslavia, trained in art & sculpting at the Split's School of Art and Design, Daboo’s art career started off after moving to the Netherlands where he still lives and works since ’92. He was a co-owner of a gallery for more then 10 years with his family that eventually led him to a chance cooperation with Herman Brood, through this meeting he started reconnecting with his graffiti roots and ideas of incorporating them into art. His creative practices have taken him across the globe, while living in a multicultural society and travelling throughout Europe, Asia and the United States, his creative practices have been continuously enriched with influences of a diverse range of cultures and environments that is evident in his work.

Fascination with Animals
In the ever-evolving times where the ancestral legacy is becoming a fleeting image, dreams and reality are in a new challenge to continue co-exist and inspire. As we build and expand as a society and civilisation, we move forward, many times disregarding the path that has been paved for us to be where we are today. In the past when people lived more intimately with nature, Spirit Animals have been an expression of our self and personal traits that we manifest, nowadays less space for cohabitation is available and with this our understanding of true self, has shifted into an urbanised environment filled with stress and frustration as we continuously search for our natural balance.

This continuous struggle is a theme that underlies and defines these works of art.

Methods & Style

Using diverse printing techniques that are ranging from traditional to modern, hand-painted layering brush strokes and spray paint, etching, silkscreening, stencilling and digital printing his works are a combination of methods developed throughout the years of continuous growth and interaction while looking for simplicity, humour, something intangibly recognisable and identifiable.

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