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December 4, 2023

Koturaljke NYE 2023 (Promo Design)

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The anticipation is over, and the stage is set! Studio Daboo is proud to unveil the visuals that will encapsulate the excitement, energy, and sheer thrill of Koturaljke’s New Year’s Eve celebration at Oxygene club in Osijek Croatia.

The posters and digital assets are more than just promotional tools – they’re a sneak peek into the electrifying atmosphere that will engulf Oxygene club on the eve of 2023. Have done my best on each design element to create sense of anticipation, capturing the modern vibes of top DJs, a phenomenal atmosphere, and moments that will be etched into the memories of all who attend.

As the clock ticks down and we near the new years eve, these designs will not just announce the event; they are made to immerse you in the celebration even before you set foot inside Oxygene club.

For all interested, visit here to put yourself on the list of atendees:
Koturaljke FB
Koturaljke IG