Happy Client = Happy Artist

Studio Daboo

This is one of those moments when you get overwhelmed by emotion, a little while ago had a client from USA that bought a collection of etchings and said would send me a pic when framed, was sincerely happy that they bought the collection and then life moved on and I didn't expect anything. Then a month or so passed and I received an email with this wonderful picture and words, 'Thought you might enjoy knowing how much joy your work brings to others!' sense of gratitude that came over me looking at how carefully the client chose the passpartout and frame was beyond words. We truly made each other happy. These are the moments you love for as an artist, money is a means for survival, and it is support for any artist, but these exchanges make all the difference, because it is about emotion. Grateful for everyone who ever bought my art and supported me and keeps doing so, was lucky that for the largest part of my experience I've had such pleasant exchanges with clients.

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