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Collection of Studio Daboo etchings on a clients wall
October 3, 2019

Happy Client = Happy Artist

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In a profound moment of emotion, I found myself reflecting on a recent encounter with a client from the USA. They had purchased a collection of my etchings, and while I was genuinely pleased at the time, life carried on, and I didn’t anticipate anything more. However, a month later, an unexpected email arrived, containing a captivating picture and heartfelt words: “Thought you might enjoy knowing how much joy your work brings to others!” The overwhelming sense of gratitude that washed over me as I observed the careful selection of the matting and frame by the client transcended description.

In these instances, as an artist, one realizes that money, while crucial for survival and support, is merely a means to an end. It is these genuine exchanges of emotion that truly matter. The reciprocity of joy between artist and patron goes beyond financial transactions; it is a shared experience that makes the artistic journey richer. Every purchase becomes a testament to the emotional connection forged through art.

I am immensely thankful for everyone who has invested in my art, providing not just financial support but also contributing to the tapestry of meaningful connections. Throughout my artistic journey, I have been fortunate to engage in such delightful exchanges with clients, where the essence of the artwork extends beyond its visual appeal, touching the core of human emotion.

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