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January 10, 2023

‘Gasp’ Print

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I’m so excited to share my new print with you! ‘GASP’ is a limited edition print and it’s printed on beautiful, quality archival art paper and it comes in size, 50 x 35 cm.

Inspired by different art traditions this work embodies a story of our continuous search for balance with our identity, civilisation and nature. As we keep expanding and building we are intruding in the habitats of other living beings that we share the planet with. While we do try to find a sustainable balance we are also creating a suffocating environment as much as for our cohabitants so much as for us. Hence the name of the artwork, ‘Gasp’.

This print is a limited edition print of an original drawing. It is signed and numbered by me, and printed on heavy paper. The paper used is made by Magnani 1404, one of the oldest paper mills in Europe (established in 1404), it’s durable, and will last. It’s also acid-free, so the print will be safe from yellowing and deterioration over time. I use high quality printing inks that are environmentally friendly and won’t fade or smear.

I will be exploring this style and subject more in the coming time and am looking forward sharing the process and results with you!

~ Daboo