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Cover design for 'Conceptions of Love' short album by Daboo
January 23, 2021

Conceptions of Love EP

Est. Reading Time: 1 minute

Some while ago I revisited my passion for JazzHop while inspired with Lo-Fi approach to production. During the creative process I wanted to sum up the emotion without trying to elaborate it in traditional way. My aim was to keep the essence and not be bounded by the compositional form, hence some of these tunes have open endings.
This project is a story of different stages in understanding of love, at some point my hard disk crashed with all project files, however as I was nearing the emotional end of the narration it only made sense that this happened, I’ve managed to master the audio renders I had and complete the story I wanted to convey. As it is with any true love story, it ain’t love if you have to buy it, this is why I am giving these tracks away without expecting anything in return.

My official music website: https://www.dabooka.net/
Bandcamp: https://daboo.bandcamp.com/

Happy listening.