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Bracelet 'LOVE'

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One of a kind: Handmade by the artist
Material: Brass & Sterling Silver
Thickness: 1mm
Width: 25mm
Inner diameter: 6cm (slightly adjustable)

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This bracelet has an etched design that in some aspects is common but comes with a twist and breaks the rules. Wanted to see how a traditional expression can be fused into something else and modern, keeping in line of my ideology of mixing the old and new, hence looking for something universal and fun for everyone.

*Please note this a one of a kind piece of jewellery.

Following with the graffiti tradition some pieces of jewellery have been spray painted to give you dynamic changes of a consistency. Just as a piece of street art that ages with time so will the paint on these pieces of jewellery wear and tear on you. This is done with intention to give you that extra personal dimension as an expression of self that happens by simply being yourself."

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Weight 0,250 kg
Dimensions 6 × 2,5 × 4,5 cm


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